special operations division

Canine Operations Branch

  • Directed Explosive Detection Sweeps
  • On Premise Response Teams
  • Close Quarter Executive Protection
  • Special Event Details

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Aviation Operations Branch

  • Aerial Security Threat Assessment
  • Investigative Surveillance
  • Executive Protection & High Risk Transport
  • Executive Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEEP) ™



Maritime Operations Branch

  • Maritime Security Threat Assessment
  • Investigative Surveillance
  • Maritime Law Investigative Specialists
  • Executive Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEEP)™

Unparalleled in its commitment and ability to provide specialized security operations, Titan Global distinguishes itself with its unique Special Operations Division (SOD). Combining the Titan Globallective talents of its diverse staff allows Titan Global to stand alone as the premiere industrial security leader. The Special Operations Division is comprised of three branches: