> Company Profile
Titan Global LLC, was officially formed in March, 2006, although the principles and senior partners have unmatched experience in all aspects of security operations, emergency incident response, planning, and management.

Titan Global LLC staff is comprised of only the most highly credentialed industry professionals. Titan Global’s staff is represented by a broad spectrum of disciplines including former and active members of military, law enforcement, corporate security, emergency management, and education industries. This combination partners invaluable experience of veterans with emerging trends from active professionals Our team combines more than two hundred years of diverse emergency and public service knowledge, allowing an “All Hazards” application to every type of planning consideration.
> mission statement
  • Become the industry leader in all aspects of disaster preparedness, emergency management, and versatile security operations.
  • Deliver client specific services developed with our unique Infinite Dimension Contingency Planning (IDCP) methodology.
  • Utilize only the most highly experienced and proven professionals with diverse backgrounds.
  • Provide customized training to all staff while continuing to raise the standards by which other companies are judged.
  • Maintain the strictest confidentiality of client identity, proprietary information, and trade secrets.
Developed by Titan Global founder, the IDCP methodology revolutionizes the approach to security and emergency management planning. Titan Global’s approach begins with a consultative review of existing systems and procedures. “Red-teaming” and other analytical tools are utilized to test organizational practices. A comprehensive recommendation summary is then presented to address deficiencies and inadequacies. Titan Global then works independently or in cooperation with your internal personnel to conduct appropriate level investigations of prospective or current employees. The Security Operations Division then augments or replaces existing uniformed and executive level security resources throughout your organization. Subsequently the Training and Education Division carefully tailors education programs for all levels of your organization including key management personnel. Finally, the Special Operations Division remains an unequaled asset for all unexpected or planned events requiring specialized services. The IDCP incremental approach is unrivaled by other companies and allows Titan Global the flexibility to create a preparedness package tailored to your specific needs.
Titan Global LLC prides itself on strict adherence to its mission statement. Titan Global fully understands that every client and organization is different and we hold their unique needs and individualized program management as our top priorities. Therefore, we do not subscribe to generic modeling or template application for security planning and operations. Titan Global pledges to carefully analyze existing policies and communicate deficiencies with suggested changes to your organizational management team. Titan Global site supervisors simultaneously communicate with your personnel and Titan Global executive management on a daily basis to address concerns as they transpire. This real time integration of supervision and program management increases effectiveness of your daily operations. Titan Global personnel will assist in establishing a security conscious culture while maintaining an unobtrusive presence throughout your organization.
Titan Global Security, LLC

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